1 – Congress Call


Congress of Global Transformation and Differentiation II will be held in Antalya at Akdeniz University on March 12-14, 2020, with “Digitalization and the Future of Digital Society” theme.

T oday's world and societies are described and discussed as the ‘Society 5.0’ which called super-intelligent era. More than half of the world's 7.5 billion population use the Internet, and two out of three adults have mobile phones. People are watching movies or TV series in their native language, making a vacation plan, playing game or shopping on the internet. People live and move along with artificial intelligence, big data, disciplinable machines and new robot technologies.

Does our increasingly digitalized life go beyond fingerprint, face detection and voice command technologies and go to an endless field? What are the limits of technological developments? Are we going into the realm of freedom or captivity, or people are real products of the virtual world? Moreover, the question of whether the future of humanity as a transition and change or inevitability is seeking answers to it. Based on this content, the following topics are expected to be discussed by the participants.

In addition, studies on the theme of digitalization and digital society will be taken in consideration from all disciplines. Global Transformation and Differentiations Congress II invites academicians, decision-makers, practitioners, experts, innovators and students to participate in the congress and present their papers.

The topics of the congress are determined as the following: Digital Identity and Digital Culture, Digital Technology and Social Transformations, Surveillance Society and Privacy, Data Brokers and Digital Tracks, Digital Strategy and Policies, Crypto currency and Digital Economies, Industry 4.0, Society 5.0, Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence, Dataism and Hypnotic Society, Digital Turkey and Globalization, The Future of Digital Life.

The papers which going to be presented at the congress going to be published in congress e-books with ISBN number. The submitted papers have to be original, not published in any other congress or journal and should not have been submitted for evaluation. Participants who want to publish their study in one of the congress suggested journals should follow the journals referee process. Besides, in the context of the congress, an editorial book will be compiled with a reputable international publishing house. We look forward to your participation.